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Exploring PatchDear Potential Explorer,

The Western Taney County Fire Protection District would like to invite you to become a Fire Service Explorer. So what is a Fire Service Explorer you ask?

Exploring is a division of the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life. However, Exploring is nothing like Boy Scouts. It is a program designed to give young adults like yourself the opportunity to find out about different jobs and careers and give you the chance to experience those jobs first hand. It is a apprenticeship program so you can find out if you might like something before you decide to do that job as a career. There are many different kinds of Explorer Posts out there for lots of different jobs and careers. Our Explorer Post will focus on being a firefighter.

Our Explorer Post number is Post #343 which is honoring the 343 firefighters who lost their lives during the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. What better way to honor those who were lost in such a tragic event than to replace them with young men and women wanting to do what they did. To help their neighbor during their greatest time of need.

In Exploring, you will do what we do. You learn how fire burns, climb ladders, learn how to wear and use the gear, use fire hose, ride in the fire trucks, and after you have received some training, yes, you can even go to emergencies and see what we do first hand. Better yet, at age 18 you will have received enough training as an Explorer to become a full firefighter with the Western Taney County Fire Protection District.

Exploring is a fun, rewarding, opportunity for you to learn about being a firefighter and to help people in need. We hope you will come to the "First Night" open house and give us a chance to show you more. Please be sure to bring a parent or guardian with you so we can answer any questions or concerns they might have.

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